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Lori Barbier has been my massage therapist for more than 15 years.  She is a joy to be around.  

She really cares about her clients and their health.  She is friendly, efficient, competent and knowledgeable. 

 At every spot I complain of,  she knows exactly where it is and what is causing it.  

She really knows about the body.  I am amazed at all the medical terminology she possesses and actually knows what it means.  

Early on, I had an appointment with her about every three weeks. 

 As I aged, I decided that I should make it every two weeks.  Then, in the past year or two, I realized that I really felt better

if I saw her every week.   I am 85 years old and have a lot of osteoarthritis, with many joint replacements,

and also suffer from fibromyalgia.  My doctor agrees that I should have massage often and feels it helps me.  

When I have been out of state, I have had other massage therapists work on me but no one is as good for my body as Lori.

 I highly recommend her to anyone who feels they could be helped by a good, caring therapist. 
She is reasonable and flexible if I need to reschedule an appointment.

- Fran

It’s an amazing therapy and Lori guides you to total relaxation your mind, body, and soul will thank you.

- Edith S.

I am a physician and have done massage in the past for tight and sore muscles, and have recommended it for my patients.

I found my experience with Lori and Aquaterra had much longer-lasting effects than just the usual massage.

It must be the water therapy plus massage which puts stretching and massage into 3 dimensions.

The entire experience is incredible.

I highly recommend it for those who need relief from sore, tight muscles, myofascial pain, or just want to relax. 

- JK, MD 

Best relaxation and TLC I’ve ever experienced. God bless you Lori for your healing hands


As a massage therapist myself, I love trying out new and different types of massage and bodywork.

However, I often find it difficult to fully relax during a session because I’m either “studying” or “critiquing” the therapist whose hands I’m under.

Not so with Lori. During the Watsu portion of my session, I was able to completely relax into the experience of water-based therapy,

which was otherworldly and deeply nourishing. After a rinse in a lovely outdoor shower space, amidst sunflowers and hummingbirds,

I was guided to the indoor treatment area for table massage. The table time was an amazing extension of the Watsu, with a cloud-like table, soothing ointments, and warm stones. Lori’s massage included gentle mobilizations, similar to some of the Watsu techniques, that lulled me into a quiet, restful state. She also incorporated some Swedish massage with warm oils, rivaling a massage I once had at the Esalen Institute.

(That’s saying a lot, for those who know Esalen.) In addition to the healing qualities of her bodywork,

Lori’s home office is comfortable and inviting, as is she. And the “cherry on top” are her three adorable pups,

who seem to take seriously their parts as members of the “healing team.”  I will be returning.

-Tara S.

Lori is “the best”!!!


Amazing water therapy, mind and body treatment in peaceful waters and the view of Carolina skies.

Best mind and body therapy I have ever experienced. Thank you!

-Edith S.

It is wonderful!


I can attest to Lori’s magical hands in water.


Thank you for the Watsu Lori it was like being cradled by the hand of God! It was fantastic!


Therapist Laurie is fantastic and her customer service and technique is of high quality!

-Ashley M.

Thank you so much for the wonderful massage by your healing hands and your heart!

Love it! I felt so good.


A professional and helpful therapist.


The massage was perfect with great conversation

and a professional manner of explaining what she was doing.




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