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What is watsu?

"Watsu is a flowing dance
around moments of stillness."
Watsu, or warm water Shiatsu, is a form of aquatic bodywork that is used for deep relaxation and passive aquatic therapy.  Watsu is characterized by one-on-one sessions in which a practitioner or therapist cradles, moves, stretches and massages a receiver in chest deep warm water. 

The treatment consists of an array of movement patterns and stillness that cradle, rock, dynamically stretch, mobilize and massage the body focusing on the specific needs and condition of the receiver. 

The benefits of Watsu are numerous and include:  
A reduction of stress and anxiety, relaxation of joints and muscles, improved sleep patterns, better mobility and balance, reduced pain, increased stroke-volume and a deepened sense of well-being.  The ability to swim is not a prerequisite to Watsu. 

 "To learn more and to see Watsu being performed please check out these videos,
the first one is from my teacher, Minakshi"  


Introduction to Watsu


Watsu Technique

Watsu for PTSD Therapy

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